Largo Talbot

The mapmaking Halfling sorcerer


Largo Talbot was born with a zest for adventure. As an adolescent he studied under the famous Aleshian mapmaker, Annabe Meyer, who focused his wanderlust and instilling in him a need for meticulous note-taking. Upon coming of age, his master inducted him into The Seekers. While the maps they produce are not typically up to his exacting standards , he has found the reviewing the adventure journals of other seekers helps him to avoid trouble and make his way through the world faster. Besides operating out of the seekers lodge He has meet fellow seekers in the field 3 times. The first was a scarred and weary looking human who eyed Largo suspiciously until out of sight. The second a rougeish elf named Elkira who teamed up with Largo to map (and plunder) a derelict temple in $location. The final one was a body he discovered in the Amedeio jungle west of the city. He recovered the seekers ring and adventure journal. Which has made him quite popular in the Sasserine lodge.

For the past 3 months he has been staying in the lodge in the Noble quarter (hidden as part of the Cartographers guild), by day working as a scribe and cartographer to build up coin, and by night pouring over the journals in the lodge to prepare note for his next adventure.

He travels by land and sea; keeping detailed records of where he has been. Always looking for new and secret areas, he has a knack for getting out sticky situations without combat; but doesn’t shy away from a sharp rap with the quarterstaff. He makes his way though the world by bartering navigational skills or scribe work.

His dream is to put together the most accurate map of Oerth.

Largo Talbot

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