The Seekers

The Seekers have a presence in nearly every major city in the world, yet few know of their existence. A group of treasure-seeking adventurers at best, or a nefarious organization of thieves and grave-robbers at worst, the Seekers themselves are a loosely-knit group of explorers, adventuring scholars, and fortune hunters who scour the world for ancient secrets and lost magic for personal gain and profit. All character classes are equally suited for this affiliation.

Symbol: A ring with a 6-pointed star on it. Worn by all members and used to mark documents.

Background, Goals, and Dreams: A secret, loose organization, everyone’s in it for a different reason. Some want loot, while others search for knowledge. Some will do anything to accomplish their goals, while others are much more scrupulous. In the end, however, every member of the Seekers helps somehow or other to increase the body of lore and treasure possessed by the organization.

Enemies and Allies: The Seekers benefit from anonimity, attracting the ire of only those able to follow the subtext of history or trace the wall scrapings of a plundered tomb. Exploration of the southern seas and jungles of the Amedio coast has also attracted the enmity of the Scarlet Brotherhood, who shares the Seekers’ interest in ruined temples and forsaken tombs.

Type: College
Scope: 14 (Continent)
Capital: 14. Gp limit 100,000. Assets 1,400,000 gp.
Executive powers: Gift, Research, Trade.
Affiliation Score Criteria: All ranks are informal and vague

Advancement Criterion Affiliation Score Modifier
Character level +1/2 level
Ability to read or write a “dead” language +1/2
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Geography) +1/2
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (History) +1/2
5 or more ranks in Appraise +1/2
Donates magic item to seeker lodge (this also counts against guild dues) +1/5,000 gp
Wins crucial academic debate with rival seeker +2
Reveal Seeker secrets to non-members -2
Loose Lodge Debate -4
Deliberately wrecks a ship -4
Failure to serve council -10
Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Apprentice: No benefits.
4-10 Seeker: Free but spartan accommodations at any seeker lodge. +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge checks at seeker libraries.
11-20 Master Seeker: +4 circumstance bonus on Knowledge checks at seeker libraries. Receives an unflinchingly loyal servant/chronicler (6th level human expert class cohort).
21-29 Member of Seeker Council: Access to a lodge’s most secret tomes, grants an +8 circumstance check on Knowledge checks at seeker libraries Must serve 30 days each year administrating the lodge. Loss of item or failure to serve gives loss of affiliation score.
30 or higher Grand Master: Borrow and use non-charged guild item worth 18,000 gp for one week once per year.

The Seekers

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